Thursday 27 January 2022

Heritage in Schools bookings


We are delighted to now be taking bookings for visits to schools through the Heritage in Schools scheme. Between February and June Ann or Annette can come to your school and guide you and your students through one of our fun-filled, interactive heritage workshop sessions. The scheme aims to raise awareness and to help children and their teachers appreciate their local heritage by engaging with it in a meaningful way. Place-based learning in the outdoor classroom is also encouraged.

Visits are part-funded by the Heritage Council so the cost to the school for a full day with a heritage specialist is only €100 (€60 for DEIS schools) and half day visits are €60 (€40 for DEIS schools). If you book the same specialist for 5 sessions the 5th visit is free for the school.

Contact us at to arrange a date in advance, then book your visit through the Heritage in Schools website.

Storytelling and Mythology

Scéalta Beo come in Celtic costume and have props and visual aids to enhance their storytelling. Mythology and storytelling helped our ancestors understand and deal with crisis, which makes them very important tools in this era of climate change. We tell many of the ancient stories of the Tuatha Dé Dannan our favourite being the local legend of Midir and Etain. Midir was known as a judge and given the task of restoring the balance which is very relevant to the times we live in.


Life in the Iron Age

Interactive practical activities, discussions and stories combine to demonstrate what life was like in Iron Age/Early Medieval Ireland. The session(s) can cover aspects of society and every day activities: buildings, clothing, jewellery and metalwork, food, biodiversity, games such as fidchell, weaving, foraging, natural dyeing, Brehon Laws including the importance of trees, fire festivals and ogham script.


Exploring your Townland

Discover all you need to research and explore your townland: delve into its history, find out the meaning of its name and look at local built and natural heritage close up. Using this as inspiration create your own art or writing based on what you learn.



Biodiversity in the school garden 

Whether you want to design a vegetable garden from scratch, develop sensory areas, get guidance for the Biodiversity Green Flag or just look closely at native trees, mini-beasts or animal habitats around your school, Scéalta Beo can help you explore and creatively interact with the outdoor learning environment, getting hands-on experience and connecting with the living stories all around us.;

Saturday 6 July 2019

The signs have arrived, are they at the right trees?

Lots of you have noticed that the Ardagh Tree Fairy signs have arrived in the Neighbourhood Park and on the Brí Leith Walk in the last few weeks. Well done to those of you who already let us know that some of the signs on the hill are not at the right tree. This is not a mistake. The Tree Fairies want us all to slow down and really look at and appreciate the nature around us. One way we can do this is to look closely at the trees and plants on the walk. See what insects you can spot, watch the bramble flowers transform into green, red then blackberries, note what is in flower when, and maybe take time to sit and draw some of the views. The Tree Fairies would love to see your art.

These photos show a tiny selection of the ever changing nature on Brí Leith
Did you see the tadpoles? Has anyone noticed any frogs yet?
If you have any photos of the flowers, plants, trees, bees, birds, frogs or anything else you have spotted on the walk send them to us at and we will share them here.

If you want to play "Is this my tree?" with the Ardagh Tree Fairies on your next ramble up Brí Leith download the file below and you can let us know if any of them are actually beside their tree. The Ardagh Tree Fairies are tricky little beings, they often move from where they last were when least expected, so keep an eye out every time to see if they stay put.

Right-click to save image and print your own copy.

Friday 10 November 2017

Launch of Ardagh Tree Fairies 2018 calendar

Dear Friends,

You are invited to the launch of our first ever Ardagh Tree Fairies Calendar on Wednesday 15th November at 8pm. We hope you can attend.

This 2018 calendar is packed full of a selection of the wonderful entries to our recent Fairy Photograph Competition which will be on display on the day. We will also be announcing the winning photograph and presenting the prize.

We are also in the process of revamping our Craft Shop and have lots of new stock arriving for the launch so why not do your Christmas Shopping too with us over a leisurely cuppa.

Hope to see you there,

Ann Gerety Smyth and Annette Corkery

Sunday 8 October 2017

Scary Fairy Fun with Ardagh Tree Fairies

Ardagh Fright Fest runs from 28th October to 4th November this year and our tree fairies are very excited about it. Our local Sidhe prince Midir is in charge of the veil between our world and the other fairy world. The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain is a time when the veil is thinnest and lots of magic is in the air.
At the moment all the Ardagh Tree Fairies are discussing plans for their Halloween costumes and really looking forward to seeing all the scary fairy art which will be sent in by children and adults in the next few weeks.

While the fairies may make appearances at all Fright Fest events they are most excited about the Scary Fairy Fun event on Friday 3rd November which is just for them and their human visitors.
Click here for more details. Booking essential, tickets available here.

See below for a full list of what is on during the festival.

Monday 21 August 2017

Welcome to Ardagh Tree Fairies

Yesterday (20th August 2017) was the day when the first ten Ardagh Tree Fairies revealed themselves to the human world. Residing in the woods and garden of Ardagh Neighbourhood Park the fairies have kindly agreed to share their knowledge of trees, customs, ogham and legends with any children and adults who would like to learn more.
Follow the tabs above and you will see the image of themselves that each fairy showed Annette along with the spell they whispered in Ann's ear. More information will be added to each tab later, so be sure to keep checking in.
Daire, Aising, Sally, Rowan, Adam, Cora, Bernard, Hazel, Holly and Hugh, the Ardagh Tree Fairies have promised to share their stories with us and maybe even reveal their normal Sidhe form later, because as you may know Irish fairies are not really tiny things with wings.
For now here are some photos from yesterday's launch event which coincided with Heritage Week and the Sixth Anniversary of Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre. Come along for Wild Child Day on Wednesday 23rd to hear more about the new arrivals. Full details here.